Star Alliance Allows You to Plan with Confidence in Times of COVID-19 Building upon the successful launch of its Travel Information Hub at the end of June, Star Alliance, the worlds largest global airline alliance, has unveiled a series of useful upgrades to now help passengers plan multi-stop itineraries. Jul. 28, 2020 Exclusive: Chinas Ctrip in Talks with Investors to Delist from Nasdaq - Sources Chinese online travel giant Ctrip is in talks with potential investors about funding its delisting from Nasdaq because of rising U.S.-China tensions and the coronavirus-driven hit to its business, sources told Reuters. Jul. 28, 2020 Carriers Look to Boost Occupancy Chinese airlines are innovating their products to boost demand as the novel coronavirus pandemic slams the aviation sector, leading to low occupancy rates and reduced flights, said experts. Jul. 15, 2020 Spring Airlines to Launch Shenyang-Changbaishan Route Spring Airlines, a popular Chinese low cost carrier headquartered in Shanghai, will launch a new direct service between Shenyang and Changbaishan (close to the tourist destination of Changbai Mountain) this week, according to information gathered by Jul. 14, 2020 China United to Introduce Chinas 1st Piece-Based Domestic Baggage Policy Beginning July 3rd, China United Airlines (CUA) has implemented a brand-new baggage policy, which claims to be a first in China. The new policy uses a piece-based measurement instead of weight-based for checked baggage across its domestic network while the standard weight limit of single checked baggage has also been relaxed from 20kg to 23kg. Jul. 06, 2020 When Youre Ready to Travel, Star Alliance Helps You Plan, Then Fly with Confidence To support efforts in restoring public confidence in air travel, Star Alliance, the worlds largest global airline alliance, and its member airlines have been working on a series of measures to ensure health hygiene safety of customers when they fly across the alliance, and to provide health hygiene-related information at their fingertips, all to help provide peace of mind when they plan their travel. Jun. 30, 2020 United Airlines Unveils Schedule for Resumed Flights Between US, China United Airlines Friday announced the schedule for resumed service between San Francisco and Shanghai with twice-weekly flights starting from July 8, according to a release by the airline. Jun. 27, 2020 Chinese People Make over 78m Trips During Dragon Boat Festival Holiday China saw around 78.79 million passenger trips during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday that ends Saturday, according to an estimation of the Ministry of Transport (MOT). Jun. 28, 2020 Three Major Airlines in China Receive First ARJ21 Planes Three major Chinese airlines received their first ARJ21 planes on Sunday in Shanghai, marking the acceptance of the Chinese jet by mainstream international airlines. Jun. 28, 2020 Group to Revitalize Travel with Travel On Initiative Leading international travel services provider Group today introduced a range of new initiatives to reinvigorate travel, as part of its online Travel On launch event. Group was joined by more than 70 representatives from over 200 industry partners for the launch of the industry-wide initiative, which attracted an audience of over 1 million viewers worldwide. Jun. 22, 2020 China Focus: New Infrastructure to Boost Smart Aviation Chinas pledge to develop new infrastructure is adding momentum to the civil aviation industry, and the adoption of smart technologies and digitalization. Jun. 23, 2020 Flights Canceled after Beijing Raises Emergency Response Level Hundreds of flights to and from Beijing have been canceled on Wednesday as the capital raised its public health emergency response from the third to the second level due to the new cluster of local COVID-19 infections. Jun. 17, 2020 American, United Airlines Toughen Face Mask Rules American and United airlines say they will place passengers who refuse to wear a face mask on an internal travel restriction list and bar them from future flights for an indeterminate period. Jun. 17, 2020 Chinese Airlines Cooperate to Provide Better Services China Southern Airlines, the largest airline by fleet size in Asia, joined with Sichuan Airlines on June 16 to announce that more air express routes will be created between the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong province, Chengdu in Sichuan province and Beijing to provide more travel convenience for passengers, starting July. Jun. 17, 2020 South Australia Eases Domestic Border Restrictions South Australia (SA) has taken the first steps in reopening its borders to the rest of the country. Jun. 17, 2020 Air Cargo Sector Playing Key Role in Global Recovery Air cargo is playing an increasingly important role in the fight against COVID-19, as a substantial number of passenger aircraft have been grounded due to the pandemic. Jun. 18, 2020 Transport Curbed in Bid to Control Virus Hundreds of flights to and from Beijing, as well as numerous interprovincial bus services, were canceled on Wednesday as the authorities ramped up restrictions on people leaving the capital to contain the recent flare-up of local COVID-19 infections. Jun. 18, 2020 Notice on Diverting International Flights Bound for Beijing to Designated First Points of Entry into China (No. 3) In accordance with relevant provisions of the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the Peoples Republic of China, Emergency Response Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Civil Aviation Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and based on the epidemic development, it is decided to adjust designated first points of entry into China for international passenger flights bound for Beijing. It is hereby announced as follows: Jun. 05, 2020 China Southern Expands Fleet to Boost Cargo Operations China Southern Airlines, the countrys largest carrier by passenger volume, added two Boeing 777 cargo aircraft to its fleet and pledged to enhance its cargo capacity via retrofitted passenger aircraft to bolster the countrys insufficient airfreight capacity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jun. 12, 2020 Dhaka Flight Suspension Follows Cases of Contagion Chinas aviation regulator ordered on Sunday a four-week suspension of a China Southern Airlines flight from Dhaka to Guangzhou in an effort to prevent imported COVID-19 cases. Jun. 15, 2020 China Eastern Forms New Hainan Carrier Venture heralds aviation boom as province develops free trade port Jun. 15, 2020 China Eastern Airlines: 200+ Medical Supply Flights to Europe At 09:09 AM June 5 local time, a China Eastern Airlines (CEA) passenger to cargo flight MU7263 took off from Jinan to Milan fully loaded with over 20 tons of supplies. This is CEAs 22th flight transporting medical equipment directly from China to Italy. Jun. 10, 2020 Resuming Intl Flights Not about Politics: Global Times Editorial The Civil Aviation Administration of China on Thursday moved to relax international flight restrictions, allowing more foreign carriers to resume flights to China on a once-a-week basis starting from June 8. It means the situation, in which US airlines have zero flights to and from China, could end, and US airlines could enjoy the same rights as airlines from other countries. Jun. 04, 2020 CAAC Issues Revised Rules on Flight Diversion On April 17, CAAC issued the revised Rules on Flight Diversion to further standardize support for flight diversion and improve the safety of operations. The Rules greatly optimize the reservation rules on diversion stands at airports and allow dynamic adjustment and reduction of diversion stands. Under the new Rules, the number of reserved stands (Category C and above) at airports nationwide at night can be reduced by up to 353 in the future. May 29, 2020 CAAC Issues Operation Safety Bulletin on Transport of Cargo in the Passenger Cabin On April 21, CAAC issued the Operation Safety Bulletin on transport of cargo in the passenger cabin (hereinafter referred to as the Bulletin) to assess the risk of transporting cargo in the passenger cabin from the aspects of cargo, ground handling and operation and put forward specific recommended measures. The Bulletin serves to provide guidance for air carriers on the conduct of a full assessment before carrying cargo in the cabin so as to ensure that such operations are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations at the highest level of safety and in the public interest. May 29, 2020 Guidance of CAAC on Strengthening the Overall Planning of Civil Transport Airports Officially Published Recently the Guidance of CAAC on Strengthening the Overall Planning of Civil Transport Airports (hereinafter referred to as the Guidance) was officially published. The Guidance specifies that the overall planning of any future civil transport airport shall, in principle, include a short-term (15 years) plan and a long-term (30 years) plan, and shall align with territorial and spatial planning, comprehensive transportation planning, and urbanization development. According to the overall goal, by 2035, the airport overall plan will become important guide for the sustainable development of each airport, and the four-type airports will become a universal form, laying a solid foundation for building China into a civil aviation power in 2050. May 29, 2020 Leading Party Group of CAAC Adopts Work Program for Deepening Civil Aviation Reform in 2020 On April 20, the leading Party Group of CAAC deliberated on and adopted the work program for deepening civil aviation reform in 2020, which includes 22 reform programs. A total of 639 tasks are arranged under these programs, of which 580 are related to specific reform tasks in 2020. May 29, 2020 Ministry of Finance and CAAC Jointly Issue Notice on Revising Interim Measures on the Management of Subsidies for Small and Medium-sized Civil Aviation Airports In order to thoroughly implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping on building a comprehensive transport system, speed up the building of China into a civil aviation power, win the fight against poverty, and give further play to the role of small and medium-sized airports in developing regional economy and improving peoples travel conditions, the Ministry of Finance and CAAC jointly issued the Notice on Revising Interim Measures on the Management of Subsidies for Small and Medium-sized Civil Aviation Airports on April 30, in accordance with the relevant regulations on the use and management of the Civil Aviation Development Fund. The revised subsidy measures further increase the support for small and medium-sized airports in the central and western regions, especially those in areas of deep poverty, border areas, areas of ethnic minorities, old revolutionary base areas, remote and backward areas and areas with poor ground transport. May 29, 2020 CAAC Issues the Notice on Further Improving the Management Policies of Cargo Routes and Flights CAAC recently issued the Notice on Further Improving the Management Policies of Cargo Routes and Flights (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), aiming to boost the capacity of Chinas air cargo and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinas logistics industry. According to the Notice, approval processes will be reduced and approval efficiency increased, thereby helping airlines to arrange cargo flights more flexibly and efficiently. May 29, 2020 The Number of Daily Flights Rebounds to over 10,000 On May 15, Chinas civil aviation sector operated 10,262 flights, which was about 60 per cent of the number before the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the first time that the number of flights in a single day crossed the mark of 10,000 since February 1. May 29, 2020