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The Perfect Airport: Could This Be It?
By Tara Donaldson, CNNGo | Jun. 20, 2012

With crotchety airline reps and excessive security searches, most airports cause more cursing than cruising.

But that's not always the case. Some deliver such swanky perks that getting stuck in the terminal is a treat.

Amenities like golf courses, free cinemas and runway-view bars make layovers a pleasure. Some lay on full curbside-to-planeside service where they sort out check-in, baggage and security for you. If you've got the dough, that is.

Since no one has bothered to assemble these travel luxuries into one sweet bundle of airport perfection, here's what a fantasy version -- the airport of your dreams -- might look like.

All items are based on existing facilities. It's just a shame they're not all in one airport.

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