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Unveiled: 40 Billion Pounds Airport for London ... in the Middle of the Channel
By Steve Nolan, The Daily Mail | Dec. 19, 2012

Plans have been unveiled to create a new 39 billion pounds airport for London - in the middle of the Channel.

Engineers unveiled the proposals for a four runway airport, which would ease pressure on the South East's overburdened runways, on a man-made island 1.8 miles off the coast of Kent on underwater banks known as Goodwin Sands.

Construction firm Beckett Rankine are touting the site as the answer to London's need for a new hub airport.

The plans feature a state-of-the-art terminal building and runways connected to London by a high-speed underground rail link.

The hazardous sands are said to the perfect location as there pose no environmental, economical or social risk.

The four runways will sit 1.5 km apart so that they can operate independently and taking off and landing over water rather not an urban area will allow 24-hour flights.

No homes will have to be demolished and developers say there would be no concerns of damage to conservation or wildlife.

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