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The World's 21 Most On-Time Airlines (Photos)
Feb. 19, 2013

If you're hoping to land on time, don't fly domestic.

That's the takeaway from a FlightStats-authored review of major international airlines, which reveals that foreign-flagged carriers generally have better on-time performance than their American counterparts.

Delta is the only U.S. carrier to crack the top 10 of the new rankings, with 86 percent of its 2012 flights arriving on time. The number one airline, which is based in Japan, operates slightly better than 90 percent of its flights on time.

FlightStats limited its survey to those airlines that operate at least 30,000 flights a year on at least three continents, so there would be no small-carrier outliers.

American Airlines, which just announced a merger with US Airways, had about 77 percent of its 2012 arrivals land on time, FlightStats said.

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