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The Top 20 Most Colorful Airlines in the World
Skift | Apr. 07, 2013

We're obsessed with travel branding here at Skift, and what the industry calls livery design -- including color -- is a big component of overall airline branding. Thus came the idea of this list of the most colorful airlines on the planet.

We would like to tell you that how hard we worked to come up with this amazing list. We would also like to brag that we agonized over the selection process, combing over the IATA code list of airlines around the planet, and narrowed it down from there. We could also tell you that there was a criteria on deciding "colorfulness" and we went through that checklist before coming up with these names.

Or we could tell you the reality: coming up with this list was just for fun, over a lazy afternoon one day last week. And then some intensive Googling after, to get the right pics for it.

So here, our list of 20 most colorful airlines in the world:

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