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Tibet Airlines Unveils New Uniform
China Aviation Daily | May 31, 2013

Tibet Airlines (TV) announced it will launch a new series of uniform for cabin crew on June 1.

Tibet Airlines, China's first highplateau-based airline, has committed itself to developing a brand image of "professional team for plateau flight" and "typical Tibetan style" since its maiden flight in July 2011. On the basis of remaining its ethnic style, the new uniform focuses on the pursuit of profession and internationalization.

The 2013 new uniform is designed by Chief Designer Ding Guanyao. According to his interpretation, the inspiration for the uniform came from the logo of Tibet Airlines and the five-color prayer flags, a unique element of the Tibetan culture. The new uniform uses two predominant colors - China Blue and China Red, and absorbs the most popular uniform design concept, with a perfect blend of the ethnic style and internationalization, as well as fashion and comfort.

Tibet Airlines cabin crew will be wearing the new design starting from June 1.

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