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Photos: The Wonderful Liveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
By David Parker Brown, Airline Reporter | Jun. 04, 2013

Here we have the third installment of showing off the beautiful Boeing 787 Dreamliner liveries that have been seen at Paine Field and around the world. There have now been 22 different liveries on 15 different airlines and one aircraft manufacture (Boeing). Last update was from August 2012 and we have seen quite a few new ones since then.

Let me know in the comments: which 787 livery is your favorite? Your least favorite?

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Comments (1)
user-m60n4f20 wrote:

Damn~ I got the sofa! (That's what Chinese people do, I'm one of them) but really don't get a sense of this kind of behaviour. The one for air maroc is disappointed by its extremely unprofessional livery. How exactly a plane like that deserved a fantastic adj. like 'royal'?

Jun.05,2013 02:00PM
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