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United Rolls Out New Uniforms for Attendants, Others
By Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY | Jun. 25, 2013

Employees likely will be sporting new threads the next time you fly United Airlines.

The world's biggest airline says more than 64,000 of its workers across the globe will begin wearing new uniforms today. The new look, which "features accents of blue, gold, silver and gray," will be worn by flight attendants and customer service agents as well as by technical operations and ramp workers.

United pilots also will be getting new uniforms, though that won't come until later this year. United says the pilots' new attire will feature "the traditional midnight blue color with gold stripes and accents."

For now, however, United is playing up the new uniforms rolling out to other employees.

"The new uniforms project a contemporary, sophisticated look that reflects the modern airline we're building," Jeff Foland, United's executive VP for marketing, technology and strategy, says in a release. "With significant feedback from our uniformed co-workers, we've designed pieces that are professional, stylish and functional."

In United's words, here are more details about the new uniforms:

Flight Attendants: "The uniform includes a core wardrobe of black trousers, skirts, sweaters, vests and blazers with two rows of silver braid on the sleeves. Female flight attendants will also wear sweaters, vests, short sleeve jackets and two styles of dresses, including a signature blue dress with a black stripe detail. Outerwear for male and female flight attendants includes a black all-season coat and an optional gray double-breasted wool coat."

Customer Service Agents: "The uniform includes a wardrobe of black blazers, trousers, sweaters, vests and skirts. Agents will also wear colored shirts and distinctive neckwear that vary depending on their job responsibilities."

Ramp, Cargo and Technical Operations: "The uniform offers flexibility, comfort and durability for year round comfort. Employees will wear work shirts, polo shirts and T-shirts made with breathable and flexible fabric. The pants, shorts and coveralls for both men and women feature a soft, brushed fabric. Outerwear for ramp, cargo and technical operations workers includes a three-piece system consisting of a zip-up fleece-lined vest, jacket and waterproof outer shell. The uniform also includes waterproof wind pants, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps and knit caps."

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