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Fiji Airways Unveils New Uniform, Livery
Yahoo!7 | Jun. 28, 2013

Fiji Airways, Fiji's national airline, has unveiled its new cabin crew uniforms as part of its complete rebranding. Earlier this week, the carrier relaunched worldwide as Fiji Airways, retiring its "Air Pacific" brand.

The striking new uniforms, stylised to the Fijian attire of Sulu Jaba and Bula wear, reflect vibrant aqua colours, to present a balance with the new Fiji Airways' cabin interiors featuring sophisticated, earthy tones of Fiji. The aqua contrasts with the colour brown which now forms a key part of the airline's brandmark and identity.

"The key requirements for our new uniforms were that they had to stay deeply rooted in the Fiji Airways' brand and remain true to Makereta Matemosi's stunning masi artwork," said Aubrey Swift, Fiji Airways' Acting CEO.

The uniforms prominently feature three distinct masi motifs created by celebrated Fijian masi artist Makereta Matemosi. The Qalitoka symbolises the unity of people to complete a task, Tama symbolising friendly service, and Droe, which means clear blue skies and cool breeze on beaches.

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