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Photos: Virgin Atlantic's New Uniforms Designed by Vivienne Westwood
The Huffington Post | Jul. 12, 2013

The sexiest flight attendants in the skies are getting a new uniform, courtesy of Vivienne Westwood. Earlier this spring, it was announced that the renowned designer would lend her skills to the airline, and, starting Friday, the public will be able to see the fruits of her labor.

180 airline staff will wear the uniforms during a trial period of a few months to test their comfort and practicality (who wants a uniform you have to turn in a few months after getting them, a la Virgin Blue in 2011?). The final product will debut fully in 2014.

Luke Miles, Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic, said in a release:

"Our staff, and particularly our cabin crew, are some of the most envied in the airline industry when it comes to uniforms. Our iconic red outfits are globally renowned and when we make changes to the design, it isn't something we take lightly. These wearer trials are a key part of the feedback process we engage in with our teams around with world. The uniforms have to look sleek, all the while being practical and easy to wear - it's a challenging design brief but means so much to our staff and customers, so we have to make sure we get it right. We're confident our Vivienne Westwood designs will continue to turn heads in the airport and in the sky."

Numerous parts of the new uniforms will be made from recycled materials (think polyester made from recycled bottles). The shoes all have a non-slip sole and are meant to be comfortable (did you know that Virgin Atlantic flight attendants walk, on average, 7 miles a flight?).

Check out samples of the new uniforms below.

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