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Photos: Food on Airlines: 15 Meals That Give Us Hope for a Tastier Future
The Huffington Post | Sep. 05, 2013

Before people started hating on baggage fees and charges for assigned seating, airline foods were the punching bag for many disgruntled passengers.

Whether it was about the bland, flavourless mush microwaved in plastic trays, the tiny portions which left much to be desired or the questionable quality, it's easy to see why airline food served as the punch line of many failed comedians. Simply put, trying to feed hundreds of passengers with TV-dinner quality meals was just laughable.

Well, famished flyers can put down those peanuts because there's still hope. Below are a few savoury samples that remind us while airline food may never be our go-to source for nourishment, there are the odd exceptions that buck the tasteless trend.

And hey, if you think whatever your cabin crew is serving you is bad now, just remember: it can always be worse.

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