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Photos: Hongtu Airlines Unveils "Stylish" Cabin Crew Uniforms
China Aviation Daily | Mar. 02, 2016

China's startup airline Hongtu Airlines officially unveiled a brand new "stylish" uniform for its cabin crew on March 2, 2016. It will be launched soon on the airline' inaugural flight.

The uniform was designed by Taiwan designer Christina Chang, who is Executive Director of JDW at Work.

Themed with concept "from Landscape to Skyscape", the new design integrates Yunnan Province's local elements with modern fashion, representing an elegance, bright and cheery, yet polished and streamlined image of Hongtu Airlines' flight attendants.

The flight attendant uniform includes a core wardrobe of black trousers, white skirts, vests and typical strips on scarfs and neckties. Female flight attendants will also wear two styles of dresses, including a signature red dress with a dark-blue stamp detail. For the men, the new uniform features a classic three-piece suit in a black color, together with red neckties and jackets.

The Kunming-based carrier took delivery of its first A321 aircraft, Registration B-8285, in last December. Pending government approval, Hongtu Airlines will operate domestic passenger and cargo services out of Kunming in the near future.

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