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Photos: Is This What Air Travel Will Look Like in 2050?
By Chris Kitching, The Daily Mail | Mar. 11, 2016

This incredible futuristic aircraft could be the way people travel to far-flung destinations in the year 2050.

With a radical design inside and out, the concept plane features a massive cabin with 1,000 seats, virtual reality headsets, live image projections on the walls instead of windows and spacious lounges intended to improve the passenger experience.

The huge curved plane is the brainchild of a team from Airport Parking & Hotels and Imperial College London, who set out to predict what the future of flight could realistically be like in 30 to 40 years.

With a complete rethink, the team, including aircraft design PhD student Adam Omar, designed an advanced plane that bears some of the hallmarks of today's jets and next-generation technology.

Thanks to its blended wing design its fuselage would be wider and shorter and it wouldn't have a tail wing, and it would be propelled by six biofuel engines at the back of the body.

The widened body, with larger wings, would provide cabin space for up to 1,000 passengers, but the designers say the aircraft would have more legroom than today's planes despite having so many people on board.

Of the notable changes, the concept plane has very few windows, which could make air travel uneasy for some.

Instead, transparent LCD screens on the walls display the view outside or films, programmes or maps from the in-flight entertainment system, or relaxing scenes to help passengers fall asleep.

Backseat monitors would be a thing of the past, replaced with virtual reality headsets that are built into the seats with wraparound visors that display films or games in full 3D. The visors are designed to automatically fold away on takeoff and landing or in the event of an emergency.

In-flight bars would allow passengers to get out of their seats and socialise more freely with other travellers.

In addition to improving the passenger experience, the team aimed to design a plane that is far more fuel efficient and less harmful to the environment.

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